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Xbox 360: 76 million sold, 46 million Xbox Live members


Microsoft has just announced some very proud Xbox 360 related numbers today. According to reports, 76 million Xbox 360 consoles have been sold across the globe since its debut a little over 7 years ago. Kinect sales have been even more impressive since it has only been in the market for 2 years; it has sold 24 million units so far. Along with hardware sales comes the Xbox Live member base which currently stands at 46 million, a 15 percent increase from the last year.

As early as last year, hints and rumors of the next-generation Xbox points to an announcement being made sometime this year along with a possible updated Kinect 2. If it does surface this year, the next generation Xbox will compete against two main next-generation competitors: Sony’s PlayStation 4 (whose announcement is likely next week) and a possible Steam Box console from Valve.

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