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War of the Roses free trial arriving Feb 6, Kingmaker edition and DLC coming 2013


Paradox Interactive, maker of third-person multiplayer action game War of the Roses, announced this weekend that a free trial of the game will be available this Wednesday on February 6. Why is the company offering a trial version months after the game’s launch in October 2012? We’re not too sure, but no doubt it is at least an attempt to boost sales of this multiplayer game where players fight with and against one another as knights.

The company has also announced a Kingmaker gold edition of the game which includes all new content released since the game’s launch 4 months ago. War of the Roses: Kingmaker will be available in ‘late Q1 2013’. On top of that, all versions of the game will get new content in the upcoming Outside the Law update, which includes a new forest map.

Along with that comes a new premium DLC that will be released this year. Details are scarce at the moment for the current DLC, other than the fact British actor Brian Blessed will lend his voice to the game.

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