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Valve brings out Maps Workshop for CS:GO and new Assault map


Hot on the heels of the Left4Dead 2 Workshop launched 3 weeks ago, Valve has brought out another games workshop. This time, it’s for their most recent competitive first-person-shooter game, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Just like what Workshop did for Left4Dead 2, the new CS:GO Maps Workshop reduces fragmentation of custom maps around the internet and acts as a one-stop location for browsing and downloading the latest custom maps for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, bringing together users who make maps and those who play them. All downloadable maps are free-of-charge and can be downloaded very easily via click-to-add. CS:GO Maps Workshop is available only for the PC platform (Windows, Linux and Mac), not surprising since PC gaming is the only one around that encourages and supports user-made (unofficial) modifications, add-ons and maps, and can be accessed via the Workshop section in Steam and in-game.


In addition to CS:GO Workshop, Valve also brought out a new official map for Hostage rescue mission mode. The map, Assault, is set in a city neighborhood near a train station and has appeared in previous games in the Counter-Strike series before (though its graphics have been updated greatly and there have been slight changes in the map layout for CS:GO).

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