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The Last of Us screenshots introduces new undead enemies

During the E3 2012 gameplay preview, we got to see Joel and Ellie take on a gang of human enemies as well as explore a bit of the scenic ruins of the city. Now Naughty Dog has released a fresh batch of screenshots, showing off the two protagonists with the recently-introduced black market smuggler Tess in a rainy setting and (mostly Joel) in combat with infected.

Tess and Joel start out in a place called ‘The Outskirts’ in Boston to escort Ellie out of the quarantine zone for currently unknown reasons. As they make to leave, they will encounter a militia group known as the Fireflies and discover Clickers, a fungus-infected monster. This new perspective of fighting infected enemies instead of live ones is expected to be shown off in a video that will be released in the coming weeks.

The Last of Us will drop on May 7 for PlayStation 3.

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