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Quantic Dream debuts next-gen engine, watch demo here

One rumor was quickly shot down when Quantic Dream presented at Sony’s PlayStation press conference. The developer was not there to announce new games set to appear on the PlayStation 4 console, but to unveil the next-gen engine which will take live-action technology to a whole new level. The currently-unnamed engine will feature improved and realistic facial animation technology to achieve complete emotional connection with characters, redefining the meaning of humanizing fictional characters.

Founder and CEO David Cage said, “What you see is running in realtime on the PlayStation 4. It is our first attempt at using advanced skin shaders with translucency, realistic eye shaders, volumetric lights, 3D depth of field and many many other features that were, up until today, reserved to CG films.”

Cage did not mention anything related to possible video games in the making back at the studio for PS4, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t going to be any. Quantic Dream is already working on Beyond: Two Souls, an upcoming psychological thriller starring Ellen Page as the main protagonist.

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