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Prototype PlayStation 4 controller pictured in the wild


As February 20th approaches, speculation and rumors are whizzing everywhere on the internet about Sony’s next PlayStation, which is speculated to be called the PlayStation 4. Game blog Destructoid has posted a photo (photo above originally posted by Destructoid) of what appears to be a prototype of the next-generation controller for the upcoming PlayStation 4. The new controller is shaped similarly to what Sony has been using for their PlayStation consoles for many years, but it appears to be bulkier with a more sculptured look and several obvious new features.

For starters, the area where the Start and Select buttons used to be is now occupied by a sizable glossy surface, which could either be a touchscreen or touchpad, a feature rumored to be supported by the next PlayStation. The PlayStation ‘PS Home’ button has shrunk in size and has now been moved slightly downwards between the dual analog sticks with new concave tops and a grill for a speaker and/or microphone. Below the Home button is a slight bump which is said to be an audio port (whether it is a headphone, microphone or combo jack remains a mystery too).

The keys on the d-pad of the prototype PlayStation 4 controller are closer together and there is also a new blue glowing strip on the top, said to have something to do with PlayStation Move motion sensing; seeing Sony’s existing Move sticks have lights that emit the same frosty glow.

We’ll keep our eyes and ears peeled for any further news as February 20 draws closer and will be sure to bring you coverage of the announcement that happens on that Wednesday as well!

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