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PlayStation Event 2013 live broadcast is now… live!

The day that all PlayStation and console fans have been waiting for is here – Sony is about to make a huge announcement at a PlayStation themed event in New York today. What will it be? A new PlayStation controller looks to be unofficially confirmed based on photos posted on the internet last week. Rumors also point to the announcement of the next-generation PlayStation, currently nicknamed by the public as the PlayStation 4. If Sony follows its own naming convention for their last two living room consoles, this next model might really just be called the PlayStation 4.

Whatever it will be named, this next console from Sony is said to be slated for a release before the end of 2013 to capitalize on year-end holiday shopping, and also to compete with the next generation Xbox (Xbox 720?) and Valve’s Steam Box console, both of which are also rumored for holiday 2013 releases.

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