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New trailer, screenshots and release dates for Assassin’s Creed 3 Tyranny of King Washington DLC

About two weeks ago, the release date for ‘The Infamy’, the first episode of The Tyranny of King Washington DLC, was announced for February 19. Now the second episode called ‘The Betrayal’ will drop on March 19 while the third part, ‘The Redemption’, will arrive on April 23 for both Xbox 360 and PC. All episodes will release a day later for PS3.

Each episode can be purchased separately for the price of $9.99 or 800 Microsoft Points. The DLC will be available for free to players who already own the Assassin’s Creed 3 Season Pass.

Ubisoft has released a trailer alongside these dates, showcasing main protagonist Ratonhnhaké:ton a.k.a Connor with his newly acquired abilities that will aid him in his mission to dethrone King George Washington.

Also, check out these fresh screenshots, featuring some very futuristic blending skills.

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