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New Tomb Raider trailer focuses on ‘survival combat’

In the latest video for the Guide to Survival series, Lara Croft shows off her expanding arsenal of weapons as she fights her way through the island and continues to explore places where she find important items needed to survive. Never-seen-before terrain are revealed in the trailer, including a rocky cliff with water running down where Lara can climb, a destroyed coastline and a snow-capped cliff. Lara must also observe the environment for strategically-placed items such as explosive barrels and lanterns before attacking. In addition to that, she can search for weapon parts throughout her journey to upgrade her weapons which are usually found in poor conditions. With about a week left to the release, these videos seem to prove Lara stronger than she seemed to appear in earlier previews and that makes me look forward to meeting with the iconic heroine on March 5.

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