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New Tomb Raider comic will act as prequel to video game reboot

Dark Horse and Square Enix are teaming up to begin a new comic book series entitled Tomb Raider: The Beginning based on the Tomb Raider video game reboot due for release on March 5. Rhianna Pratchett, the lead writer for the game, will also be writing for the comic which will act as a prequel to the game and tell the story of Lara Croft before her real adventures begin.

The story focuses on how the crew came together and discovered Yamatai, a lost Japanese kingdom, during the filming of an archaeology TV show. The comic will feature the new Lara Croft character model, the less voluptuous and young version compared to the past games and Angelina Jolie.

Those who pre-order the game at Best Buy will receive the comic book for free.

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