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New photo shows clearer view of prototype PS4 controller


Yesterday, one of the biggest pieces of news in the PlayStation 4 rumor mill broke: an alleged photo of a supposed prototype next-generation controller. A couple of hours ago, Game Trailers forum user SquishyMuffin posted a photo (shown above) of an identical looking PlayStation 4 controller taken from a different angle. This new angle does the controller some good as the photo shows its curves and it looks sleeker than yesterday’s photo, though still bulkier than the existing PS3 controller. In addition, the poster of the photo apparently managed to get a hands-on and had this to say about the new PlayStation controller:

“The triggers are much more similar to the Xbox 360 ‘springy’ triggers. That’s a microphone (similar to VITA, Wii U) and that is also a headset port. Touch screen is resistive display, single touch, used for battery levels, friend lists, mini u.i blah blah. Taken a while ago, only had access to it via someone else.”

While this does take the guessing out of the front grill and bottom audio port, it isn’t official confirmation and probably still a prototype controller. It’s also interesting that he/she notes the glossy part in the center of the controller is a resistive touchscreen display as earlier rumors hinted that it would be a touchpad. Either way, we will know for sure once official words come out from Sony, which we expect to say something during their February 20 event this week that will talk about the ‘future of PlayStation’.

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