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New BioShock Infinite trailer invites you to the City in the Sky


As BioShock Infinite comes closer to its March release, 2K Games has released another trailer for the game. The latest City in the Sky trailer shows off the colorful parts and dark side of the floating city of Columbia. There’s plenty going on in the marvelous city that protagonist Booker DeWitt finds himself in; carnival performers, the occasional flying blimp and architecture with cues of colonial and steampunk design. Booker is seen drinking some sort of elixir in the trailer, while Elizabeth, the game’s damsel-in-distress turned companion, is seen confused and questioning herself on what she is. Towards the end, an emphasis is placed on how the baddies want Elizabeth though the reason behind that remains to be seen.


BioShock Infinite is shaping up to be an epic-looking game and each new trailer continues to intrigue us and long even more for the game, which drops on March 26, 2013 across the Windows PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 gaming platforms.

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