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Latest Crysis 3 trailer plays to the tune of Muse’s Liquid State


The Hunt is On: The appropriately named trailer shows Prophet, the main character in the Nanosuit you’ll be playing in Crysis 3, bursting out of containment. However, it also looks like, prior to that, a bunch of forces are leaping over things and rushing forwards to rescue him… I guess we’ll find out when the game hits Windows PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on February 19.


And then there’s the ‘hunt’ part where Prophet is shown shooting both C.E.L.L. henchmen and Ceph aliens with different guns and his bow. We also get another glimpse at the new fire-breathing mini Pinger alien (shown above). Although Crytek hasn’t revealed the bosses in Crysis 3 yet, we sure hope things get more interesting than just the 3 Pinger ‘boss fights’ and gauntlet through Guardian Ceph in Crysis 2. Silently, we’re hoping there might be other (evil) Nanosuit users as bosses, from C.E.L.L. perhaps, that will take on Prophet in his otherwise super-tough suit.

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