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Fruit Ninja, Steambirds and Paper Toss makers talk about mobile game market at DICE


During the DICE Summit last week, one of the discussions held was focused on mobile gaming, a growing market with the ubiquity of smartphones and tablets, and such devices becoming increasingly powerful. The discussion, moderated by ex-senior producer at PopCap Games Matt Lee Johnston, focused on three executives, each behind a massive mobile game title; David Edery, CEO of Spry Fox (best known for Steambirds), Phil Larsen, chief marketing officer of Halfbrick Studios (best known for Fruit Ninja) and Julian Farrior, Backflip Studios CEO (best known for Paper Toss).

In the 45 minute long session on last Wednesday, they talked about the importance behind making great games that will almost sell themselves through word-of-mouth, marketing and myths in the mobile games market and the future of the industry. In the first half of the discussion, an emphasis is placed on how games were developed by relatively small groups of developers and little to no promotion costs, made possible because of delivering a great and fun experience that led itself to viral marketing.

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