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Disney rakes in $291 million from video games during holiday 2012


Disney posted its earnings today and its video games division brought in $291 million in revenue during the holiday quarter ending December 31, 2012 (a 4% increase from the year before). Out of this amount, sub-company Disney Interactive posted $9 million profit, a tremendous improvement over the $28 million loss seen in the same period for 2011. Games released during the holiday season include Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, Wreck-it Ralph the iOS game and Toy Story Mania.

2013 has seen some shuffling around in Disney’s video game division. Last month Disney closed Junction Point Studio, developer of the Epic Mickey games. However, at nearly the same time, Disney announced an initiative to bring some life back into its video games division. They have a new multi-platform game, Disney Infinity, which will bring together the company’s different characters in an interactive environment and is currently planned for a June 2013 release.

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