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Diablo 3 in development for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3

Blizzard Entertainment appeared at the Sony press conference to confirm that the company is developing RPG Diablo 3 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 after making PC-exclusive games throughout the years. More details are said to be revealed in the coming months. The game will feature new updates for Paragon levels, the Infernal Machine event, Monster Power, Brawling, and more. As you can see in the screen above, the user interface was given a makeover for the console version.

Blizzard Entertainment co-founder and CEO Mike Morhaime said, “Diablo III looks and plays great on the PlayStation. We put a lot of care and thought into the PlayStation version to make sure it would deliver an authentic Diablo gaming experience, and we’re really pleased with the results.”

The developer added that a gameplay preview will be showed at PAX East (March 22-24) which will be held at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

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