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Comic-Con San Diego tickets available Feb 16, register a Member ID first

Comic-Con is back in San Diego this July 18 to 21. The massive convention plays host to comics, video games, manga, animation, movies and shows, cosplay and much more. In an effort to counter unscrupulous folks from hording tickets and reselling them at a profit, anyone wanting to attend Comic-Con (from normal attendees, volunteers and press) will now have to go through a two-step process to gain access to an entrance ticket. First comes Member ID registration, which s are available till February 12, 2013, at which point they will close and reopen on February 16. This Member ID will then allow registration of one entrance ticket per person, though having a Member ID is a preliminary part of the process and does not guarantee a ticket.

Ticket sales begin on February 16, 2013. Day passes go from $24/$42 (depending on day) while 4-day passes will sell for $150/$175 (depending if you’d like to attend Preview Night). Discounts are available for seniors, US Military and juniors aged 13 to 17, while each paying adult will be able to get a complimentary ticket for children aged under 12.

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