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Codemasters flashes brief Grid 2 gameplay teaser


Grid 2 is an upcoming racing game that’s coming out this May. The developer of Grid 2, Codemasters (who’s also behind successful race track series Dirt), has just released a 44 second short video of the game. Unfortunately for those looking for more details about the game, the video really only teases 10 seconds worth of gameplay, sandwiched between Codemasters’ 15 second introduction and 19 seconds of ‘pre-order and follow us on our social networks’. In that 10 seconds, we catch glimpses of race tracks set in cities, an Alfa Romeo Giulietta, Nissan GT-R, various Dodge and Pagani cars along with a few hatchbacks.

On a more positive note, Codemasters mentions at the end of this teaser that we will ‘find out more’ on February 14, 2013… so perhaps a longer trailer and more details is set to be released then.

Grid 2 will feature various racing locations throughout the United States, Paris, Abu Dhabi and more and a huge variety of vehicles from new models to classics. The game will be released on May 28 for Windows PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, and is available for pre-order for consoles.

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