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Bungie confirms Destiny, slated for reveal on February 17

From the creators of the Halo franchise, Destiny is rumored to be a science-fiction alternate reality game (ARG). Previous screenshots show what looks like a large white snowball hovering over Earth, ruined buildings, moss-covered areas and very snowy environment. There are also some characters suited up in metal armor, gripping chunky hi-tech weapons. I’m not sure what this could mean for the game’s plot, but certain concepts could possibly be taken from Halo games.

Bungie is back in action now, ready for the unveiling of Destiny next week on February 17. During the GDC in March, the company will discuss about creating the upcoming game’s fictional universe. Rumors are flying that Destiny will miss the 2013 release bandwagon (which could mean a next-gen title), while some rumors say Activision has confirmed the game’s release for this year. We’ll hear more about that in a few days.

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