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Battlefield 4 shown off in closed demo, GameStop tweets a tease


While everyone sits awaiting details for EA’s next war/soldier themed first-person shooter, with information likely to be released in May, an early Battlefield 4 demo looks to have been deployed behind closed doors. Earlier today, game retailer GameStop posted a brief tweet on Twitter thanking Electronic Arts for showing them Battlefield 4, where all they can say is “WOW”. Electronic Arts is said to be planning a beta of Battlefield 4 to be released in Fall 2013.

Surely it can’t be coincidence that this piece of news comes just the day before Sony is planning to reveal something big and we think that EA is likely riding on the Sony PR wave and/or they have something to say about Battlefield 4 alongside tomorrow’s announcement of what could be the PlayStation 4. Seeing that Battlefield 4 will likely come later this year, we wonder if it will be released for current generation consoles or the upcoming PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 said to arrive in Holiday 2013. With EA/DICE’s newly revealed intentions to bring Frostbite Engine to Mac, it’s also likely that Battlefield 4 might be released for Apple laptops/desktops in addition to the usual release on PC, PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

Battlefield 3 is a gorgeous game (the screenshot above is from BF3) and we can’t wait to see what new things EA and DICE have to bring to the table with the next game in the Battlefield franchise.

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