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AMD confirms PlayStation 4 runs custom APU developed with Sony

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After we made an educated guess on the PlayStation 4 using AMD hardware yesterday, it seems we got half of that equation right. AMD themselves confirmed this morning that the PlayStation 4 will indeed use their APU hardware.

However, and here’s the interesting part, the PlayStation 4 won’t use an off-the-shelf AMD APU nor will the graphics card be separate from the APU (so our guess was inaccurate and its graphics won’t be the Radeon 6970). Instead, AMD says this is their first ever semi-custom APU (and this hints of more possible collaborations to come with other companies) and that the implementation in the PlayStation 4 was jointly developed with Sony.

AMD defines their ‘semi-custom APU’ as a customized variant of their existing technologies for “customers who have a very specific high volume product that could benefit from AMD’s leading-edge technology’. They also mention that configured solutions like the one in the PS4 can include customized elements such as memory controllers and display outputs.

This custom APU for the PlayStation 4 will run an AMD Jaguar CPU, 8 GB of unified memory and custom integrated Radeon graphics with 1.84 teraflops of processing power.

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