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Alien Noire website is actually a Prey 2 teaser counting down to March 1


We’ve discovered that a Prey 2 related announcement is scheduled for March 1, 2013 at 3:30 pm Eastern Time/8:30 pm GMT. How do we know this? There is a countdown in a cryptic alien-like font (which can easily be converted into regular text via a copy and paste into a text editor) on a website that recently surfaced called Alien Noire.

A tip-off from one of our readers led us to checking out Alien Noire, where keywords in the website’s source code had mentions of Prey 2, Bethesda Softworks and Human Head Studios. They’ve since been removed from the source code but a quick visit to the Google cached version of the page turns back time and shows the existence of those tags (the countdown on the cached page is inaccurate, however).

There is also a comment in the source code of the page that’s still there (and we don’t doubt they intentionally kept it there) and it reads “Tommy needs your help”, a reference to the main character in the original Prey that came out in 2006.

The open-world, first person shooter game was first announced in 2011 as a sequel to the original Prey. After numerous false rumors about its cancellation and plenty of speculation about the status of Prey 2, this piece of news today is crucial as it’s a sort-of-official thumbs up that Prey 2 is still alive and that Bethesda will have something to say about it next month.

We are making an educated guess the March 1 announcement will, at the very least, bring us information about the release date/time frame for Prey 2 and also the gaming platforms it will be launch on. 2013 is an important year for game announcements as Microsoft and Sony are scheduled to bring out their next Xbox and PlayStation 4 respectively, and plenty of gamers are waiting for news about what games will come out for those platforms.

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