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2013 Command & Conquer will be free-to-play, beta coming soon


It’s been a while since Electronic Arts released a game under the Command & Conquer franchise. It dates back a long time in the gaming world but the modern entries in the series just did not do so well. Fortunately, EA hasn’t forgotten about it yet and plans to bring the franchise back this year with the latest game simply being called Command & Conquer. That’s quick and easy to remember, definitely much better than using something like Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 – Uprising (that 2009 game certainly had one of the longer names we’ve seen in a game).

The game will be less of a sequel to previous games but seems to be planned as a spin-off that is free-to-play. The game will feature a classic CnC experience; involving the use of strategies, resource gathering and live action cut-scenes. Command & Conquer will be developed by Victory Games and geared towards online multiplayer gameplay; there are also plans for regular updates while listening to community feedback. Of course, to generate some form of revenue stream, Command & Conquer will have purchasable in-game content; visual customization and multipliers for statistics are quoted as examples of buyable items.

Command & Conquer will launch as an open beta to Windows PC gamers sometime this year with more details about the game to come.

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