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Ubisoft promises no delay for Splinter Cell: Blacklist PC release

When it comes to releasing PC versions of anticipated video game blockbusters, Ubisoft takes the cake for being a major letdown by making PC gamers sit by the sidelines while PS3 and 360 users boast about how many minutes it took for them to finish the game.

Remember when we had to wait four months for the PC version of Assassin’s Creed II? And Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood? And not to mention, five months for the first AC game? Then we also had that annoying always-on DRM? Ooooooh, yeah, that one. It almost sounds like a ploy to make the company name memorable in the gaming industry.

When speaking to Rock, Paper, Shotgun about the Splinter Cell: Blacklist PC release date, an Ubisoft representative said that “the August 20th date is also for the PC version as well”. “No worries. It is day and date with the console versions,” he confidently confirmed when asked to be more specific about the matter.

While this sounds extremely convincing, let’s not forget that Assassin’s Creed III was delayed despite what Ubisoft said about a simultaneous release for all consoles. I say, let’s not take this piece of news so seriously and see if Ubisoft keeps to its promise when the time comes.

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