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Ubisoft Osiris motion capture video discovered but Prince of Persia goes on hold


A 5 month old video showcasing Ubisoft’s rumored Prince of Persia reboot, a project named Osiris, has just been discovered on Vimeo today. The video, said to have been commissioned by Ubisoft Montreal, doesn’t show any gameplay. Instead, it consists of footage from motion capture sessions; draft scenes of (presumably the main) character getting in fights with mobs, dragging a victim away and plenty of ‘slow-motion’ movement. There’s also flashes of artwork depicting an ancient Egypt setting.

However, in a recent interview between IGN and Ubisoft Montreal CEO Yannis Mallat, Prince of Persia is ‘being paused’. We are guessing that this may be due to Ubisoft’s focus on other franchises, attempt to reduce ‘franchise fatigue’ (where gamers get tired of new games under the same franchise being released very frequently) or other reasons. However, Mallat stays positive about the possibility of another Prince of Persia title being released eventually, citing “We’ll find something to entertain them (Prince of Persia fans) with in the future… As soon as we have something to show, we will”.

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