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Treyarch says Revolution DLC listings not a Wii U release confirmation


The Revolution DLC came out for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 yesterday on Xbox 360, and oddly enough, menu listings from the DLC are showing up on Nintendo’s platform after a patch targeting the Wii U. However, a representative from Treyarch has posted on the official Call of Duty forums that they “are aware that some of the menu listings from the 360’s Revolution DLC drop are showing up in the game” but “This is not a confirmation of DLC for the Wii U, just a versioning problem that we are working to address”.

Treyarch is working on fixes for a bunch of bugs and glitches, which they are not listing until a new patch goes up, which they “are working on with Nintendo” and hope will arrive as soon as tomorrow. However, the fact that they have mentioned the non-confirmation of the Revolution DLC for Wii U hints that the DLC is a long way from Nintendo users or they might not even release it for Wii U. We hope the latter isn’t the case.

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