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THQ assets will be sold ‘title by title’ at auction, Warner Bros interested

THQ filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy just recently and now they will be holding an auction on January 22 to sell off the company’s assets to the highest bidder. Among notable titles published by THQ are Company of Heroes, Saints Row and Metro 2033.

As for the auction, many big companies are already eying the game franchises and development studios. EA expressed large interest in buying over THQ and has reportedly been visiting the headquarters to evaluate future purchases. No doubt Ubisoft will be in line for this auction since CEO Yves Guillemot stated once that Ubisoft is “always interested in good brands” when commenting about the THQ complication.

Distressed Debt Investing also lists Warner Bros as a potential buyer, but so far the company has been quiet about this matter with no statements or comments released.

Things are sure to get even more interesting in these next two weeks before the auction and I’m definitely concerned about which hands THQ will end up in. This is the new home for our favorite game franchises we’re talking about. Things can either go downhill or uphill from here and we’ll just have to see then.

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