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The 85-year-old who plays Grand Theft Auto IV on PlayStation 3

Isn’t this lady a sweetheart (photo by BBC)? Hilda Knott is almost 86 and after 40 years, she’s still very much in love with video games. She doesn’t just play Grand Theft Auto IV to stay mentally active; she plays with her aunt who is 94! According to an interview with BBC, Hilda says that they “have an hilarious time”.

Hilda also loves the challenge video games have to offer. “I enjoy finding something new in the game – getting onto the next stage or the next event – and then the achievement of finishing it,” the gamer told the BBC with a small smile on her face.

Hilda added, “As well as adventures and fighting games, there are puzzles for working out how to do something.”

She’s definitely the reason why quotes like “You’re never too old for Disneyland” exist. And holy crap, this woman sounds just like me, especially when I’m trying to convince my friends that there’s more to video games than violence. Recent studies show that playing computer games is becoming an increasing trend among old folks to keep their minds active. My future looks so much brighter now.

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