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Temple Run 2 is a bigger, better sequel to the original mobile game


A year and a half after the original game, the sequel to the successful Temple Run is finally out. The aptly-named Temple Run 2 has been in the works for 9 months now and still sports the same running and jumping objective to collect coins throughout South American temple ruins… but it now features richer graphics, more diverse locations and gives every character its own unique capability. There are also mine carts you can ride on, more diverse curved routes (instead of right-angled turns in the original game) and rewards good timing of movements with access to different areas with more coins.

The Imangi team also emphasized their status as an indie developer with the launch of Temple Run 2, which was developed by a team of five people (up from 3 people who made the original game). The original Temple Run was downloaded 170 million times, so there certainly are high hopes that Temple Run 2 will be as much of a success or better. Temple Run 2 is out today for iOS devices on the Apple App Store while an Android version of the game is said to be launching next week on Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.

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