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SimCity 2013 to have city limits for performance reasons


Maxis is releasing a new SimCity in March, and it’s just going to be called SimCity. Ocean Quigley, the creative director behind the game, has told PC gaming blog Inc Gamers that there will be a city size limit imposed on your creations for performance reasons.

He cites the ability to run the level ‘depth and fidelity’ in SimCity smoothly on your average PC as important. That isn’t a bad compromise, considering how detailed and graphically superior the new SimCity is compared to its predecessors. In a post on Twitter, Quigley says this limit will make cities similar to medium sized cities in the old SimCity 4.

SimCity 2013 runs on a new engine called GlassBox which renders most things dynamically (meaning they aren’t a bunch of preset and repetitive animations), down to intricate details like traffic jams, is set to improve the experience of the game. SimCity is set to be released on Windows this March 5th, with a version for Mac (OS X) to follow shortly after.

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