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San Francisco tech start-up uses Portal 2 custom maps as job recruiting tool


Just like how job applicants need to make their resumes and applications stand out to potential employers, some companies do work on ways to stand out to job applicants to convince them that ‘this is where I’d like to work’. WibiData, a San Francisco based technology start-up that focuses on large data applications, is one of those instances and the company is using a rather unorthodox (and unique) approach by using puzzle-solver video game, Portal 2, as a job recruiting tool.

Using a mod that loads up custom maps and content into the PC version of Portal 2, WibiData challenges job seekers to find the CEO’s forgotten PIN via a series of maps set in the ‘WibiData office’. Christophe Bisciglia, CEO of WibiData, mentions while talking to the New York Times that the puzzles in Portal 2 works out the same part of the brain used in actual programming and problem-solving situations. He also mentions that half the engineers at the company play Portal 2. The WibiData mod also comes with a coop level for you to play with a friend, and the company is even offering a $1000 reward to the partner in the event their friend gets hired. Check out this interesting and publicly downloadable mod (as long as you own Portal 2 on Steam) on WibiData’s website.

There’s also a teaser trailer which showcases the mod, which uses a combination of existing Portal 2 elements with custom map layouts.

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