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PlayStation Germany posts about Star Wars 1313, possible 2013 release for PS3


Star Wars 1313 is a third person action and adventure video game announced at the 2012 E3 video game convention, and it sounds like it may be set for a 2013 release. This is according to a post, which has since been taken down, by PlayStation Germany on Facebook which read “Star Wars 1313 will arrive in 2013 for PlayStation 3”.

Despite that, developer of Star Wars 1313, LucasArts has put this information in question, citing the post’s content was not accurate. Besides a plot that focuses on a bounty hunter going all over the planet Coruscant’s subterranean ‘level 1313’ and looking for the truth on a conspiracy, LucasArts has revealed very little about the game. They haven’t even officially announced what gaming platforms Star Wars 1313 will run on, though it’s apparent via today’s incident that the game will, at the very least, appear for PlayStation 3. Also during E3 last year, LucasArts showed a demo of the game running on the Unreal Engine 3 but there’s speculation that the final game might run on the newly released Unreal Engine 4.

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