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Newly launched Steam Guides crowdsources walkthroughs, guides to Steam users

steam-guidesPrepare for the largest game guide website on the internet, because that’s what the newly launched Steam Guides could potentially become. In addition to launching the Left 4 Dead 2 Workshop today, Valve also brought Steam Guides out of beta.

Steam Guides relies on the massive community of 54 million active users (as of last month) on Steam and allows players to create and submit their own video game guides and walkthroughs, with the ability to include tips, images, screenshots and videos. This crowdsourcing of guides also extends beyond games to non-gaming software (such as design programs) and programs from Steam Greenlight.

Guides are sorted by categories such as multiplayer, gamplay and weapon guides, and a rating system allows you to vote up/down and mark content as your favorites. Steam Guides can be accessed via the new Guides tab in Steam or via any Community Hub.

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