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New Grand Theft Auto V artwork surfaces

Two GTA V pre-order art have appeared at US retailer GameStop, featuring an armed biker speeding through the streets while a helicopter flies above the sky and a bank robber holding a machine gun in one hand and jewelry in another. The biker is assumed to be Franklin and the suit the robber is wearing suggests he is Michael. The images were found by a user at Grand Theft Auto forums.

Earlier today, new evidence shows that a PC version of GTA V is currently in development. Rockstar senior animator Ryan Schater listed ‘GTA V – Xbox 360, PS3, PC – Cutscene animation’ under the Experience section of his LinkedIn profile. In his current profile, it was removed. This could easily have been an accident or simply to avoid spoilers for future announcements.

The official box art is expected to be unveiled in the next two days.

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