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Left 4 Dead 2 Workshop now live: Create and download custom maps and content


The Left 4 Dead 2 Workshop is officially out of beta and players can now create and customize campaigns, weapons, characters, clothes and items; and also download them. Left 4 Dead 2, along with various other Valve games such as Half Life and Team Fortress 2, has been well known in the PC community for its ease of customization and putting sweet add ons.

Unfortunately, it involved searching the internet, downloading the mods or maps and then having to install them or, if that didn’t work, having to know where to manually place their files. There’s also the problem of fragmentation between players and mod/map makers and lack of mod/map updates (which cause them to break sometimes after an official Valve Left 4 Dead 2 update).

The new Left 4 Dead 2 Workshop brings all of that one step closer by providing all the goodies that the Left 4 Dead 2 content creating community has to offer: Custom campaigns, maps, items, item skins and clothes for characters, new environments and weapons (all free, by the way) and working as a one-stop location. Hence it gives players an easier way of finding, downloading and updating their downloaded content… and also gives developers and creators a more intuitive way of sharing and updating their masterpieces.

Valve has also created a new Workshop forum where players are able to discuss and report bugs for downloaded content and that will bring both players and creators together.

One thing that Valve has changed in their Left 4 Dead 2 Workshop is placing a size limit of 200 MB per file (and feel free to create multiple 200 MB files to piece together a nice campaign). This isn’t something meant to restrict creators… they instead encourage creators to split huge custom content packs (for example, a full new campaign with 5 maps and character skins within) into separate, smaller files. For players, this means that content can be downloaded in multiple parts and when the time comes for updates, they can be downloaded and installed much faster.

To check out the Left 4 Dead 2 Workshop, all you have to do is fire up Steam and on the game page, you’ll see a new ‘Browse the Workshop’ section that was added just last night. At present time, there are just 218 items in the Left 4 Dead 2 Workshop but that’s a good start for its first day online. Portal 2 has the most items, a whopping 230,000 addons and maps, among the 23 games which support Steam Workshop.

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