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GameStop pulls Metro: Last Light pre-orders from Impulse


GameStop has pulled the ability to digitally pre-order Metro: Last Light from GameStop Impulse, the game retailer’s online download service for PC. This comes amid uncertainty about the game’s publisher, THQ, which is currently going through bankruptcy and will be auctioning off its assets next week. According to the information GameStop told GameSpot this morning, the retailer will also be allowing purchasers who have already pre-ordered digital copies of the game for PC to request for refunds via customer support.

Oddly enough, GameStop is still taking pre-orders for the physical versions of Metro: Last Light for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, so there may still be more to this story. We are pretty confident that Metro: Last Light will be delivered this year, either on time in March 2013 or at most, slightly later. 4A Games, the developers behind scary success Metro 2033 and this sequel, has been reliably releasing teasers and trailers as recently as last month. Publisher THQ will be auctioning off its assets, so the only change we might see is the publishing company stamped alongside the game’s name. Other retailers such as Amazon still seem pretty confident at the moment and continue to take pre-orders for Metro: Last Light for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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