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Dmc Devil May Cry reboot is out, first DLC is free and coming soon


Hack-and-slash horror video game DmC Devil May Cry is set in a parallel universe and is set to provide a reboot to original series of the same name, which spawned four titles from 2001 to 2008. Dante, the main character from previous games makes a return to DmC Devil May Cry, which just came out yesterday for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and is on track to be released on the PC platform (Windows) next week on January 25.

The ‘DmC’ addition at the beginning of the name used to differentiate it from previous games.

Just recently, published Capcom announced that the first DLC for the game will be coming out ‘very shortly’ after the launch of the game. The exact date of release this DLC has yet to be announced, but what has been confirmed is this first DLC for DmC Devil May Cry will come as a free update across all three gaming platforms. This DLC will bring back Bloody Palace Mode, a famous mode from the original Devil May Cry games, and provides a horror survival gauntlet than span over a hundred levels.

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