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Crytek on Homefront 2: “Progress is great”, 2014 release target may change


A week after purchasing the Homefront franchise for a cool half-a-million dollars from the now-defunct THQ, the new owners behind the series, Crytek, already have a brief update on the game’s sequel.

Homefront 2 is being developed in the hands of Crytek UK and in a recent talk with blog VG247, Crytek games general manager Nick Button-Brown seemed upbeat about the future of the game. He mentioned “we wanted to buy the IP to make sure the team can finish off the game they wish to make… progress is great – [our] last milestone was excellent”. Button-Brown hints that we should expect more news about Homefront 2 in the near future; stating “currently we are trying to get all the paperwork closed on this… we will try to let everyone know what we are doing, as soon as we can”.

Homefront 2 had a planned release date of March 2014, though it looks like its release might be changed (possibly pushed back slightly) due to the bankruptcy of THQ and subsequent change of ownership of the franchise. The original Homefront was released in 2011 and sold 2.6 million copies to date across the Windows, Xbox 360 and PS3 platforms.

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