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Valve launches Big Picture, and a week-long controller-friendly Steam game sale

Valve brought their Big Picture mode on Steam out of beta just this morning and is holding a week-long Steam sale of various PC games that are controller-friendly to celebrate (the sale, ending December 10, 2012, sports discounts ranging from 33% off to 75% off). Big Picture mode is a now-standard part of Steam which is a ‘large-screen’ (aka your television) optimized user interface, which encourages you to hook up your computer to your television and laze back on the couch while playing games using console controllers.

Big Picture mode can be toggled via the press of a button inside the Steam game management client and is part of Valve’s push to make Steam a part of your living room. Many PC games already have built-in support for console controllers (meaning you can use the same controllers from the Xbox 360, Logitech and other makers and make them work with your Windows computer) and Big Picture encourages their use by bringing an interface you don’t have to squint at while sitting a good distance from your television.

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