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The internet is outraged by Bioshock Infinite box art

It’s obvious that Bioshock Infinite protagonist Booker DeWitt is channeling his inner Nathan Drake of Uncharted in the picture above and let’s just say that the fans aren’t happy about this. In fact, they’ve taken their anger to the forums of Reddit, many agreeing that the box art is forgettable and completely bland.

And you know what? It is.

It looks cliched and absolutely boring and it doesn’t take two glances to see why: The emphasis on stereotyped rugged looks (five o’clock shadow with some scratches and a little bit of dirt on the face), a badass shotgun slung over his shoulder casually like it’s a socially acceptable thing to do, the serious and grim squinty-eyed expression, a bit of sparks flying here and there, a burning flag. What are we looking at here? The poster for the next Indiana Jones movie?

Some say “It’s just box art”, and sure it’s just box art, but I guess fans were looking for something to build their excitement, something promising to stretch their expectations. I get that but I wouldn’t dwell on it for too long because at the end of the day, who’s really going to look at the box when it arrives on the doorstep?

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