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Naughty Dog announces May release date for The Last of Us

During the Spike VGAs last night, Naughty Dog confirmed that The Last of Us will drop on May 7, 2013.

The cinematic trailer shown at the VGAs showed new survivors, as well as infected, Joel and Ellie will encounter during their fight for survival. The game will also feature different seasons such as winter, shown in a scene where Ellie is standing under falling snow. This hints at a very long journey for the protagonists, possibly all year round or more than just a year.

Although the game will feature fungus-infected creatures, the studio said that it is not a “zombie game but a love story about a father-daughter-like relationship”, inspired by a similar relationship shared between Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan of the Uncharted series. The Last of Us is set in post-apocalyptic Pittsburgh, starring Joel, a ruthless survivor and anti-hero (controlled by players), and Ellie, a brave teenage girl (controlled by AI).

With the trailer looking like a real action-packed movie, we already feel like we’re looking at another triple A title from Naughty Dog. And now I’m wishing they would release this on PC.

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