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Metro: Last Light ‘Genesis’ gameplay trailer shows off gloomy setting and new creatures

The narrator (presumably main protagonist Artyom) tells us about the gifts in life, despite how dark and wrecked the world has become. The trailer offers a glimpse of what life is in the metros – a child drawing on the ground, hand shadows for entertainment – and what lurks within the shadows on the walls. The first half is sad and slow-paced, but as it progresses, mutant creatures leap into the scene and attack humans who have strayed too far from home, reminding us of the main theme of Metro: Last Light: survival.

Earlier yesterday, THQ announced that it will be giving Steam codes for Metro 2033 to those who ‘like’ Metro’s Facebook page, starting from yesterday until next Monday on December 17. If you like a good survival horror game set in a post-apocalyptic world, then get it while it’s still available!

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