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Microsoft unveils special edition tenth anniversary Xbox 360, giving away 5 via contest

In conjunction with the 10 year anniversary of Xbox Live, Microsoft has brought out a special edition Xbox 360. That Xbox 360 sports a unique tenth anniversary decorated exterior which includes a decal spelling out “Xbox Live: A Decade of Entertainment” in case the motive of the design isn’t already clear enough.

Microsoft mentions that these special edition Xbox 360 units will not be sold at retail, although according to their contest rules, they do have a retail value of $439. Instead, five of them will be given away (complete with a 1 year subscription to Xbox Live) via a contest where you have to download the Xbox Live 10 year anniversary gamerpic. Along with the consoles with the fancy design, Microsoft is also giving away Microsoft Points, Hulu Plus, Xbox Music and Xbox Live Gold subscriptions along with an unnamed Xbox Live Arcade game.

Unfortunately, the giveaway contest above is limited to participants in the USA only. So Xbox players in Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, South America and other parts of the world will only receive the free Kinect game and Xbox Live Arcade game sale mentioned below (which US players also qualify for, by the way).

Along with that contest, Microsoft is giving away the game Wreckateer for free today and tomorrow (15 and 16 November) and is also holding a sale where several Xbox Live Arcade games will be available at a 50% discount till November 22, 2012. Microsoft’s Xbox Live Anniversary page has all the details about the special edition Xbox 360 contest, free game and Xbox Live Arcade game sale.

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