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13 hours more of Counter-Strike Global Offensive on sale at 50% off

It’s the last day of the Steam Autumn Sale but there’s still 13 hours remaining to grab Counter-Strike Global Offensive, the latest game in Valve’s Counter-Strike franchise, for Windows and Mac at a cool 50% off. Counter-Strike Global Offensive was released in mid August 2012 at an already reasonable price of $15. But with the game being featured in Valve’s Steam sale, the game is now going at a ridiculous $7.50, which is the lowest price that it’s ever been (there was a pre-launch sale where it sold for 10% off for $13 and it went on sale earlier this month at 33% off for $10). Hopefully this sale will bring a much-needed boost to the player population, which will benefit everyone.

We don’t gain anything from this… we just don’t want you folks to miss out on an awesome deal (And I’m a CS:GO gamer myself, so more people to play with and against is always fun)!

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