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Logitech launches G710+ mechanical gaming keyboard with 6 macro keys

Logitech brought out their first ever mechanical keyboard today, and it’s aimed at gamers. The Logitech G710+ gaming keyboard is unlike any of Logitech’s previous keyboards. The G710+ is a mechanical keyboard, the type of keyboard that’s sought after for great tactile typing and high durability key switches, which sports a full-sized key layout complete with a number pad and 6 configurable G-keys on the left that Logitech usually sticks on their gaming keyboards.

The Logitech G710+ sports white LED backlit keys (with 4 levels of brightness) that ride atop Cherry MX Brown key switches, that make up the ‘mechanical’ part of the keyboard (previous Logitech keyboard offerings use flat keys sitting on rubber-domes, which is common on most keyboards and laptop keyboards). Being a mechanical keyboard user myself, there’s a huge positive difference using a keyboard equipped with Cherry MX switches versus conventional ‘mainstream’ keyboards such as the one on my laptop. Jumping back to the backlit keys of G710+, they feature ‘dual zone’ backlighting that let you adjust backlight brightness of the WASD and arrow keys separately from the rest of the keys.

Logitech has equipped each key with a dampening ring to cut down on typing noise (mechanical keyboards are known for their more audible ‘click-click’ sounds when typing, which not all users may appreciate). And this being a gaming keyboard, the Logitech G710+ has anti-ghosting and 26 key rollover (in English: You can press up to 26 keys at the same time and the keyboard recognizes all of them… not like you have 26 fingers anyway) which makes quick key presses possible and allows your fingers to leap quickly from key-to-key without the possibility of the keyboard missing anything.

The Logitech G710+ gaming keyboard comes with a single USB 2.0 port on the back, a pair of legs to tilt up the keyboard, removable palm rest and media buttons (which include a very sweet volume scroll wheel). There are also 3 keyboard modes which essentially multiply the different things you can assign to the mentioned 6 G-keys on the left side.

The Logitech G710+ will be available this month in the US for a price of $149.99 and in December for Europe and the rest of the world at a to-be-announced price.

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