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New Left4Dead 2 DLC map… if Valve gets 20,000 Stream Crossers

Left4Dead 2 new Cold Stream campaign

You know how not long ago Valve released a new beta map, Cold Stream, for every Left4Dead 2 owner to play test? Well, they’ve recently announced that they’ll be releasing the Dead Air campaign (which was from the original Left4Dead) early on July 22… if and only if 20,000 folks earn the ‘Stream Crosser’ achievement by this Sunday.

It’s easy to become a Stream Crosser actually… just be sure to have updated your Left4Dead 2 to the latest version and you should see a new campaign right below “No Mercy” called “Cold Stream”. Make your way through the entire four maps found on the Cold Stream campaign, on any difficulty, and you’ve got it! If you’re in the mood to be one of those 20,000 people and help get the Dead Air campaign out early for everyone, double click that Left4Dead 2 icon now and start crossing the stream.

Cold Stream is actually one of the ‘prettier’ maps in Left4Dead 2 with plenty of water effects and playtime both outdoors and in the darkness of tunnels and underground water systems. Now, if only Valve would properly port Bill, Francis, Zoey and Louis’ original frames and models from the original Left4Dead so they’ll work naturally instead of being re-skinned versions of the Left4Dead 2 survivors…

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