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Just for fun: Left4Dead pistol auto-shoot script

Ever wonder how those guys you watch on YouTube have their Left4Dead characters shoot their pistols inhumanly fast, like in the Zoey video I made above? Well here’s the solution if you don’t already know.

The trick is to bind a command chain script to your mouse button to tell the game to simulate clicking and firing one pistol after the other, all while you hold down your mouse button without having to click manually non-stop. The script goes as follows:

Bind “MOUSE7” “+1”
alias “+1” “alias 3 +2; +2”
alias “+2” “+attack; wait 2; -2”
alias “-2” “-attack; wait 3; 3”
alias “3” “+2”
alias “-1” “alias 3 -attack”

Basically the first line assigns the script function to a button or key on your mouse or keyboard (in my case, I assigned it to Mouse7, which is the G7 key on my Logitech G700 gaming mouse… but you would typically want to set it to Mouse 1, which is Left Click, or something else on your keyboard… so replace MOUSE7 to the button of your choice). The next 5 lines tell the game to continuously fire your dual pistols (it also works with one pistol or the Magnum) like it’s fully automatic.

This is super useful as it turns your ‘mouse click and shoot’ dual pistols into fully automatic ‘mouse hold and spray’ ones, which do about the same or more damage per second to zombies as Tier 1 primary weapons.

To enable the script, copy the 6 lines above, navigate to your Left4Dead main folder where you should see another folder in it called left4dead2… click on that and inside, you should find a folder named cfg… go in there and look for a file called autoexec.cfg (this houses all your Left4Dead related in-game scripts and tricks), right click autoexec.cfg, open with… notepad and paste the script in there, hit save, and you’re all set to go!

Enjoy your mad high-speed autofiring Left4Dead pistols!

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