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DICE GM talks Battlefield 3 and E3 2011

Karl Troedsson, DICE GM, talks Battlefield 3 and E3

Karl Troedsson, DICE GM, talks Battlefield 3 and E3

DICE General Manager, Karl Troedsson, has just written  about how excited they are for E3 next week as they’ll be showing both singleplayer and multiplayer demos at the convention. He focuses on talking about the multiplayer aspect of things, saying maps will be bigger than ever with better close quarter combat experiences.

Some multiplayer features which he has also revealed include the ability to use vehicles in multiplayer (we’re guessing this will be as good as or better than the vehicle system in last year’s Battlefield: Bad Company 2), ability to mount weapons and go into prone position.

Karl also mentions the things that will not be shown at E3, such as the in-game social networking aspect of multiplayer (which is called Battlefield 3 Battlelog) and newly introduced Team Deathmatch TDM mode. He also appears to be very quietly poking fun at Activision’s newly introduced Call of Duty: Elite part free, part paid subscription service by mentioning Battlelog will cost “zero dollars”.

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