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2012 Tomb Raider trailer released by Square Enix

An official trailer has just been put online ahead of E3 2011, showcasing next year’s multi-platform Tomb Raider title. The game, named just Tomb Raider, is a reboot of the series (Kinda like how the makers of The Fast and The Furious probably ran out of names and just used ‘Fast and Furious’ for the fourth movie), will continue to feature the game’s traditional protagonist Lara Croft and has an expected due date of Q3 2012… that’s more than a year away.

The game is already drawing many comparisons to the Playstation-exclusive Uncharted series, especially the reworked Lara Croft model, with many people expecting the new Tomb Raider title to be a ‘female-lead’ version of Uncharted. We’ll have to see how that compares… when the game comes out next year!

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