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Welcome to Games Per Second

Hey, it’s opening day today! Finally!! Welcome to Games Per Second (beta).

There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of other websites dedicated to the coverage of gaming news and reviews… so what makes us different? Unlike a massive majority of gaming websites out there, Games Per Second is founded and run by actual gamers, NOT a bunch of random editors and staff, hired by some company, who cover gaming news as their ‘day job’ (and to be honest, because a large number of them are not gamers, they do very poorly in covering the industry with stoic and non in-depth insight into games, as well as occasional reporting inaccuracies).

We aim to provide the best coverage of games of all sorts, in ways as interesting as possible. Of course, you’re gonna be seeing game reviews from us. But that’s another thing that sets us apart from other sites and magazines you’ve seen because unlike those folks who practically have a stamp with a big “A” grade or “90%” (or higher) rating in hand and stamp off every new game they can get their hands on for so-called “reviewing” as ‘good’ or ‘fantastic’… you’re gonna see true and unbiased, as well as sensible, reviews of video games (and occasionally related software and gaming hardware) so you can find out for sure if a game is REALLY worth your time and money.

We’re still at an early beta stage so please excuse us if our updates aren’t as super often as you’d like and if you see changes to our website design several times over the next few months.

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